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Top Features to Consider for Your Custom Trailer Tool Box

One of the best things about getting your own custom trailer toolbox is that you can design it to meet your exact needs. Whether that’s adding some extra features to your trailer toolbox or additional security, you can really let your imagination run wild when going bespoke. There are lots of features to consider for your custom trailer toolbox, and this article is going to give you some inspiration by outlining some of the best features to include:

Extra Security

If your custom trailer toolbox is carrying expensive equipment or tools, it might be a smart decision to beef up its security. Many standard trailer toolboxes come equipped with basic locks that can be easily broken into by opportunistic thieves. You can choose to include more robust toolbox latches, lock cylinders or keys from reputable brands to ensure that your belongings are safely stored in your trailer toolbox.

Weather Protection

If you’ll be exposing your trailer toolbox to the Australian elements, it can be beneficial to add weather protection to the outside of the box. At Coffs Coastal Trailers, we almost always use heavy chequered aluminium for our custom trailer toolboxes because they are so well-suited to the harsh Australian climate. As such, we’d always recommend going with this type of material for the outside of your toolbox to keep it protected and ensure it won’t degrade easily over time.

Powder Coating

If you want to add a little bit of aesthetics to your trailer toolbox without compromising its durability, you might want to consider powder coating the box. Powder coating is a type of dry finish that uses an electrical charge to fuse a dry powder to a metal surface. This allows for a colourful finish that outlasts regular paint by a considerable amount. So if you want your toolbox to stand out from the rest without sacrificing durability, powder coating is the way to go.

Easy Access to Your Tools

Depending on how you use your trailer toolbox, you could benefit from a few different ways to access it. Roller doors are a great way to get full access to the contents of your trailer toolbox, so if you’re storing a large item, this could be a great option. Alternatively, a side opening might be handy if you’re trying to gain access to your toolbox from multiple sides.

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