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What Type of Trailer is Best?

If you’re wondering what type of trailer is best to buy, we can help. At Coffs Coastal Trailers, we have dozens of different types of trailers, all made to the highest standard and all perfect for the job.

Which type of trailer will work best for you?

The first step when deciding which type of trailer to buy is to pinpoint exactly what you need it for. If you’re mainly moving heavy equipment across a site or between sites, an open flatbed trailer might be ideal. This type of trailer has no side or top so it’s really easy to load. You can get all sorts of add ons too, like ramps, lifts or lockable toolboxes. An open flatbed is a really versatile piece of kit.

Utility Trailers

If you use smaller equipment, then a utility trailer may be more useful. This type of trailer has an open-top, so it’s good for hauling tall things, but it has closed sides so your gear or cargo is kept secure. You can add in extra D-rings or use tie downs for extra stability. You can customise your trailer with higher sides, or split gates to work perfectly for your needs.

Box Trailers

As you might have guessed, this type of trailer has four walls and a roof. They usually have a side and rear door too so they’re easy to load and access. This type of trailer is essential if you have equipment or goods that need to be protected from the harsh Aussie climate, and they’re also useful if you occasionally need to leave your trailer unattended. If you’re a plumber, electrician or general contractor, you’ll find this type of trailer is really useful. We can help you customise it too with things like ladder racks and shelving.

Specialist Trailers

You’ll find a great range of specialist trailers available. Livestock trailers can be customised with specific compartment designs, and often come with wide swing or fold-down doors for easy entry and exit.

Get In Touch

Whatever type of trailer you need, Coffs Coastal Trailers can help. We work with some of the country’s best manufacturers and our experienced team can help you customise your trailer. Whatever type of trailer you want to buy, we can help you create the design and function that best meets the needs of you and your business. To find out more, just get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.