Sometimes, your livelihood can depend on your fleet of trailers. For some, it is a home. Regardless of what you use it for, keeping it safe and on the road timely and effectively and Coffs Coastal Trailers will do the repairs that are absolutely essential for your trailer to have.

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Tool Boxes

Your tool box is your go to handy repairing box that has all the tools you need in order to fix something. When this important thing is damaged itself, look no further than Coffs Coastal Trailers!

Truck & Ute Fit Outs

Coffs Coastal Trailers knows all about truck and Ute fitouts. We know it should be reliable, tough, safe and lightweight yet robust but the most vital characteristic of it is that it needs to work well with what your business is up to but is also flexible enough to change when the demands get high.

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Custom Fabrication & Welding

Coffs Coastal Trailers welders are trained professionals with a dedication to give our customers the custom welding options they can have to enhance the character and personality of the property they live or drive in.

Everything from trailer repairs, to steel guillotining and folding work, to stainless steel and aluminium welding jobs can be undertaken at a competitive rate.