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What Size Boat Trailer Do I Need?

boat trailer opens up a new realm of possibilities for boat owners as it increases the mobility of a boat allowing boat owners to explore new areas. If you are thinking of buying a boat trailer for the first time, you may be confused about how to choose the size of a boat trailer. It can be a little confusing and it is very important to get it right to avoid posing a potential danger to yourself and others when taking your boat on the road. In this guide, we run down the guidelines for deciding what size boat trailer you need.

What size boat trailer do I need?

The obvious first step to deciphering what size boat trailer is needed is to take a look at your boat. Is your boat single-engine or could it be referred to as a tinny? If either of these applies, then you will probably need a single axle boat trailer.

How to measure a boat for a boat trailer

Before you can be sure, you will have to measure your boat. You can either simply get your measuring tape out or contact your boat’s manufacturer if you want to make sure the measurements are precise. In general, a single axle trailer can accommodate a boat up to 6.7m to 7.01m in length. Also, measure the beam of the boat. This information will help you choose the right size single axle trailer. For smaller boats like this, it’s a lot easier to decipher what boat trailer you need because it just needs to be able to fit; they are much easier to secure and quite light.

If your boat is larger than the measurements above, you may require a larger, double axle trailer instead. As well as dimension measurements, you will also need weight information for your boat in this case, which should be available from the manufacturer.

How should a boat fit to a trailer

Your boat should not hang past the trailer wheels on either side or have a large overhang at the back. There should be just enough rear overhand to clear the overboard. If you are in any doubt, take any information you have about your boat to your boat trailer provider. Expert advice is very beneficial when it comes to this, as guesswork could leave you with an unsuitable trailer.

At Coffs Coastal Trailers, we will be happy to help you choose a boat trailer from our range, including bespoke options. Contact us today on 02 6650 0936 to find out more.